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I took 8 2mg bars of xanax. It’s been 10 hrs given that I did this. I am definitely shakey and my coronary heart is thrashing realy quickly. Could this be considered a stress assault? Or in excess of dose signs or symptoms

He advised me a handful of min later on he took 4 drugs totaling 2mg. In ten min he was stumbling all over, incoherent, and after that fell around encounter 1st and was fully limp and unresponsive. ..continue to respiration even though. He was out cold for six several hours doesn’t bear in mind A lot. In case you supposedly can’t overdose, just what the hell probably took place?

I used to be a bit “high,” although not for more time than ten minutes and only as the effects hit me incredibly late. By then, I had been exhausted from the attack and I feel the exhaustion in addition the unexpected influence overwhelmed me a little.

Ok so I was definitely Silly and drank 9 beers and took 6mg of Klonopin and maybe 20mg of flexeril(muscle relaxer). I woke up and was high-quality but I’m fearful that if I'd respiratory depression if that can have caused Mind problems that is not really recognizable. Is that this possible?

I’ve taken her to Dr they usually mentioned she’s fantastic. My daughter stated her Buddy does this continuously most likely why she didn’t pass out. My daughter was dumb for listening to her but happy she arrived and explained to me. I forgot to check with what’s the long run result of this taking place once my daughter is terrified in regards to the way she felt. Thank you

I’m on methadone about 75mg and are already for three decades. I stopped executing Xanax, then started once again. I’m “prescribed” 2mg day-to-day at by far the most. I’m an addict, certainly, I don’t abide by instruction pretty perfectly and Ordinarily hardly ever get worried…but my best friend died march 12 this year and it messed me up and worried me simultaneously.

Hello Leigh. Go to the doctor’s. It is determined by several components and I hope it passes with none really serious consequences.

A couple of years back I “took” about 10 in the very little white kinds. Coupled with a consume or two of beer. I OD’d and now worry long run effects issues. I'd by no means taken everything in that dose in advance of that or to this day. Could it be possible for problems to occur?

Hello my girlfriend died on March1 2014 from more than dose on xanax she choked on her toss up wen she was more sleeping can that genuinely happened

She’s been in therapy about four yrs and is particularly executing excellent, but is highly nervous like me. I took an additional 2mg right now with my afternoon dose. Am I developing a resistance for the drug? I’ve Related Site never felt the necessity to take extra until eventually these days. Remember to assist me fully grasp if I’m undertaking anything wrong or if it’s ok to take an extra on Excessive days. I suffer from extreme Manic despair and severe BIPOLAR problem, and anxiety. Gonna walmart would make me freak out. Any assist might be good. Thank you.

Hello Bob. I’m genuinely sorry for the loss. I’d counsel that you speak with a coroner regarding your fears.

xanax has basicly saved my existence like is alleged sry for ur lss but mabey the meadcicine wasnt taken as prescibed if prescribed at all,,,,!!!!!!!

I take 3mg of kpin every day from time to time I take xanax recreationally like fifteen-20 2mg bars at a time with Alcoholic beverages generally two times per month I’ll do this and binge for a couple times I’ve gone through a 100 in the weekend but even though I Room my use out by 7 days I don’t get an excellent significant I really feel as though my tolerance may be very large I’ve been executing this for couple months why does my tolerance continue to be soo higher I’ve taken per month off and get blasted off 6mg why Is that this. And it’s almost impossible to od on just xanax

Hello Ronnie. Taking your Xanax in any way in addition to prescribed is considered abuse. Your prescribing medical doctor or pharmacist at your local pharmacy will help you determine if it stopped Doing work simply because you’re increase go now tolerance, and figure out a safe method of getting the preferred effect. I wouldn’t suggest playing around with Xanax.

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